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Ariel Von Quinn: Baltimore's Little Mermaid

Mini documentary about Ariel Von Quinn, a young and extremely talented drag performer in the Baltimore area. 

Aging with Grace

Informative short documentary created with the goal and sharing basic knowledge on how to grow older and keep yourself healthy.

Short documentaries made with the focus on the subject, and their stories. 

This is the story of Alison Ward/Franklin Sangoquiza, a drag queen living in Cuenca, Ecuador. The city is famous for its beautiful architecture, friendly people, and large Catholic population. In this video, Alison/Franklin details the struggles of being a drag performer in a city known for being culturally conservative, religious, and anti-LGBT+. The performer discusses drag as a potential form of creativity and self-expression, as well as a desire to pave the way for others to feel confident as they pursue drag as part of their lives. 

To learn more about Alison Ward, you can find her on instagram 


Everyone ages, and everyone wants to know how to do it well. Aging is difficult, and not always an easy subject to talk about. In this short documentary, three experts speak on the best ways to keep yourself healthy as you age.

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